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Regional Executive NewsGeorge Duncan, Michigan Region Executive

As I write this in late February, I am seeing unusually mild weather for Michigan. Winter was mild and it looks like spring may be arriving early. With that said, I see that many events are already being planned for this competition season in the Michigan Region. Flyers are available on the regional website (www.micorvette.org) for all events currently planned for this season.

Going into this new year, I thought it important to offer my sincere thanks to our returning NCCC Michigan Region Board members and directors. They have all worked very hard to make this organization successful. Joe Scafero is our returning Regional Membership Director (RMD) and he continues to help our Governors get their jobs done correctly and on time. Kathy Duncan is our returning Treasurer and works to keep our finances in order. Gloria Reiffer is our returning Webmaster and has done a great job with updating our website and helping the board with setting up email accounts specific to our positions.

Kyle Felts has been appointed to the position of Regional Competition Director (RCD). Kyle is replacing Rene Cardenas who has been elected to the position of NCCC Vice President of Competition. Kyle brings with him much experience and a strong drive to make things happen. Kyle is also returning as our Points Director which is a position that he says fits well with his new duties as RCD. Kyle has done a great job at keeping track of the competition points and organizing the awards.

Roger Stoel has been elected as the Regional Secretary. In this position, Roger will be supporting the RE along with providing much of our needed documentation. As a note, Roger is replacing Edna Stoel who had been our Regional Secretary for several years. I think that it is fair to assume that Edna will be giving Roger a hand when needed.

I know that there is much more that each of these individuals contribute to the organization and they all deserve a sincere thank you.

In closing, I would like to wish everyone a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2024.

George Duncan
Michigan Regional Executive

Email:  re@micorvette.org



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