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Regional Executive NewsGeorge Duncan, Michigan Region Executive

As I sit down to write this, I am looking out at fog caused by rain over frozen ground. As if that wasn’t enough, snow is predicted for tomorrow. These are all sure signs that winter is upon us and the Corvette season in Michigan is mostly over for the year. As I look back, the year has had a large number of events of all types. New for the year was a fourteen event Rally weekend that started in Michigan’s upper peninsula, took us over the Mackinaw Bridge, and then down the lower peninsula along the Lake Michigan shoreline. We even got a glimpse of the solar eclipse that occurred. Many thanks to Rene Cardenas and Carolyn McLemore for setting up and hosting this outstanding event.

Moving on, I would like to thank our retiring regional secretary, Edna Stoel, for her years of service to the Michigan Region of the NCCC. Edna has helped many people, especially myself, with learning about, facilitating, and running our regional meetings. Edna had always made herself available to us when the need arose. We will continue to see Edna around the region as a member of the Lakeshore Corvette Club.

Unfortunately, we have another retiring regional officer. Even though Rene Cardenas was re-elected as our RCD, he was also elected as the NCCC Vice President of Competition which precludes Rene from holding the regional office. With that said, I would like to thank Rene, for his service to the Michigan Region of the NCCC as our RCD. Rene has helped many people with learning about, facilitating, scoring, and completing a great number of competition events. Rene has always made himself available to us when the need arose. Rene was also instrumental in organizing evens of all types all over the region. He has found new venues for Autocross, brought Funkhanas back to the region, organized fundraisers to support the region, helped obtain the region’s timing equipment, and many other things. Again, thank you Rene for all that you have done for the Michigan Region.

Also of note is that the Michigan Region has just completed its first year of owning and operating the timing equipment used for Autocross. The equipment had been donated to the region by to Dwight Theodore of Theodore’s Timing. This equipment is available to all regional clubs for use. As the year progressed, a new computer was purchased and we held training events for the various clubs on how to use the equipment. Several clubs had used the equipment by years end. Unfortunately, during the last event, some damage occurred but we were able to convert misfortune into fortune by trading the equipment in for brand new gear. The updated equipment is due to be delivered within the week!

In closing, I would like to wish everyone a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year.

George Duncan
Michigan Regional Executive

Email:  re@micorvette.org



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