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Regional Executive NewsMark Hanlin, Michigan Region Executive

Thanks for checking out the Michigan Region Website. If this is your first time, welcome, and I hope you find the information you are looking for. Whether it is a club to join, and event to attend, or information about Corvettes in general, you will find it here! You will find that our Corvette Family is made up of a diverse group of owners, drivers, and competitors, but most of all WE HAVE FUN!!

Mother Nature started winter a little too early this year! But at least she waited until after Thanksgiving to pound us with about three to twelve inches, of the white stuff, depending on where you live in Michigan. Those that live along the Lake Michigan shore always get a lot more than the rest of us. Those that live in the U.P. (Upper Peninsula, that is) have to deal with even more - they measure it in feet not inches!!

Now, we are standing in the shadow of the New Year and planning for some new things and schedules for the coming year in Michigan. April 6th is the date for the Region Awards Banquet to honor those that committed their summer of 2018 to the many events and activities held all over the state and even outside Michigan. Congratulations to Connie Esposito for being a first-time winner of Overall Ladies and Ladies Speed; Gordan McCann for Men's Overall and Speed; Corvette Club of Michigan is the highest points for clubs; Gerry and Sally Wardell, Kim and Sue Keith, and Kevon "Doc" Binder for taking first in the Concourse award; and Jim Sweet and James Sweet for first in the Rallies category. I would like to thank Edna and Roger Stoel for taking on the task of setting up and getting the arrangements made for the event. It will again be in Frankenmuth and that is always a great venue for meetings, shopping, and fun in general - THANKS GUYS!

The new year will see a lot of activities to celebrate milestone events as well. NCCC is celebrating its 60th Anniversary and Corvette Club of Battle Creek will also have it 60th as well. There were similar celebrations in 2018 so the fun will continue, I'm sure. 2019 will (hopefully) see the introduction of the C-8, at the North American International Auto Show, at Cobo Hall in Detroit. If the rumors are true, it may be the mid-engine and unveiled to the public in late January. Then we start a new round of meetings in St. Louis, in February, under the new administration of Dale Samuelson. I am looking forward to working with Dale and want to say THANK YOU to now past president Dave Heinemann and the leadership he provided for the past four years.

For now, all we can do, in Michigan, is look outside, think about next summer, possibly working on our Corvettes to get ready, and wait for that first day in the Spring when again we will fire up those horses and let 'em run!!

Hoping everyone has or had a Safe and Blessed Christmas and New Year!

See you in 2019!!

Mark Hanlin
Michigan Regional Executive

Phone: 269.789.9814
Email: re@micorvette.org