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National Council of Corvette Clubs

As a member of a Michigan Region Club, you are also a member of the National Council of Corvette Clubs. NCCC was established in 1959 by a small group of Corvette owners and enthusiasts as an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization. Since inception, NCCC's purpose has been, and still is, to promote interest in Corvette ownership and encourage others to participate in the enjoyment connected with the use and ownership of America's Sports Car - the Corvette!

Competition Programs

In order to encourage interactivity between individual clubs, NCCC has organized a comprehensive National Competition Program. We have a set of Rules that are nationally recognized and followed. A National Points Standing compilation is maintained by the Vice President of Competition and a Regional Points Standing that each Regional Competition Director is responsible to maintain. Trophies are awarded to Michigan's top competitors at the Michigan Region Awards Banquet held each spring. The top national competitors receive awards at NCCC's annual convention.


NCCC hosts an annual Convention in different parts of our country each summer. NCCC members come together from across the nation for a week of getting to know each other. Every day is filled with Corvette related activities such as drag racing, high and/or low speed events, funkhanas, rallyes and car shows. Day trips are often available for individuals that aren't involved in competition events at Convention. At the end of the day everyone gets together for a fun filled evening of entertainment, dancing, or just relaxing and visiting with friends. Visit the NCCC Convention Page for information on past, present and future NCCC conventions.


Many national companies offer discounts to NCCC members. Others donate a percentage to NCCC when a member purchases their goods or services. You can find out more information on the special discounts for members page on the NCCC Website, including links to the websites of these companies.


Insurance is a complex and sometimes confusing subject to understand with many individuals. Many times frustration in trying to understand coverages creates a mentality as to why do we even need it. Visit the NCCC Insurance Information page to help understand what the NCCC policies are, who is and is not covered, and what is and is not covered. And don't forget, many insurance companies offer discounts to individual members of NCCC.

NCCC Scholarship Program:

This program has been in existence since 1990 and is funded through donations from Clubs, individuals and corporate friends. The NCCC Scholarship Committee awards $1,000.00 scholarships to worthy young people who have some connection with NCCC through a father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, etc., who has been a member of NCCC for at least three years. "Some connection" implies that the applicant's relatives should have knowledge of the various requirements of the NCCC Scholarship Program. Be sure to plan ahead for next year by reviewing material on the program, including the deadline for submission.


NCCC publishes a national quarterly magazine to keep members up to date on what is happening in their region and nationally. Blue Bars is a wonderful example of the Corvette fun that NCCC generates.


The Michigan Region of NCCC is based on having fun with your Corvette! We have so many Clubs and Members that enjoy their Corvettes and have made lifelong friends through this fine Council! You will not find any kinder Corvette people anywhere! NCCC brings the Corvette community together to honor America's True Sports Car: THE CORVETTE!

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