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Thank you for visiting our web site. We encourage you to contact us if you would like more information on the Michigan Region of Corvette Clubs.

Joe Scafero, our Regional Membership Director, can provide you with information on joining a Region Club.

Michigan Region Officers

George Duncan, Jr., Region Executive Name:  George Duncan, Jr.
Title:  Regional Executive
Affiliate:  Irish Hills Corvette Club

Phone:  517 . 442 . 7340
Email:  re@micorvette.org
  Dave Waters, Region Competition Director Name:  Dave Waters
Title:  Regional Competition Director
Affiliate:  Irish Hills Corvette Club

Phone:  517 . 592 . 5508
Email:  competition@micorvette.org
Joe Scafero, Region Membership Director Name:  Joe Scafero
Title:  Regional Membership Director
Affiliate:  Corvette Club of Michigan

Phone:  734 . 513 . 6003
Email:  membership@micorvette.org
  Edna Stoel, Regional Secretary Name:  Edna Stoel
Title:  Regional Secretary
Affiliate:  Lakeshore Corvette Club

Phone:  616 . 994 . 3714
Kathy Duncan, Regional Treasurer Name:  Kathy Duncan
Title:  Regional Treasurer
Affiliate:  Irish Hills Corvette Club

Phone:  517 . 294 . 7293
  Name:  Sue Sweet
Title:  Regional Points Director
Affiliate:  Shiawassee Corvette Club

Phone:  989 . 743 . 3159

Appointed Positions

Gloria Reiffer, Region Webmaster Name:  Gloria Reiffer
Title:  Regional Webmaster
Affiliate:  Capital City Corvette Club

Phone:  517 . 646 . 2180
Email:  webmaster@micorvette.org