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Regional Executive NewsGeorge Duncan, Michigan Region Executive

It is already the fall season again and we are nearing the end of my second year as Michigan’s RE. I think that it would be safe to say that due to Covid-19, it has not been a very typical two years. 2020 was a year that had trouble getting started and even 2021 felt a little slow compared to normal years. On the bright side, there have been a lot of creative methods used for getting together as clubs. Many clubs are still holding some of their meetings in open air settings instead of the traditional closed room environments. We are still struggling with finding venues that will accept a larger group for club dinners and other gatherings.

Fortunately, this year was considerably better than 2020 had been. Even though the competition calendar wasn’t completely full, there were many more events this year than last.

I think that it is certainly safe to say that this pandemic has forced us to work together in many new ways. Many of us are now re-examining things like how we hold meetings and how we conduct other aspects of our normal “business”. It has become apparent that we must prepare ourselves to be able to handle things like a pandemic in the future. Two years ago, things like electronic meeting formats were talked about as being nice to have. But now, I believe that we must act on this or face the possibility of being limited on how or when we can meet to conduct our future business. To that end, I have started working on possible updates to the Michigan Regional bylaws. Hopefully, with some small adjustments now, we will prepare ourselves for what the future may bring.

In closing, I hope everyone is having a good time with the events that are being held.

George Duncan
Michigan Regional Executive

Phone:  517 . 442 . 7340
Email:  re@micorvette.org