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Regional Executive NewsMark Hanlin, Michigan Region Executive

Welcome to our recently revised Michigan Region website!! We are very excited about this new site as it was put together by our new Webmaster, Gloria Reiffer. Gloria has had a lot of experience as she has been the webmaster for Capital City Corvette Club, in Lansing, for several years and brings her expertise to this site.

The website was previously guided by Webmaster Jim Sweet, of Shiawassee Corvette Club, for many years. Jim did great job but was ready for a break and since the website had not had an update in some time, it was the perfect opportunity to help Jim get away and bring the website up to date. Thanks, Jim, for all your hard work for many years!

If you have been on here before, you have noticed a great deal has changed. There are some different categories, buttons to click on, and pictures to look at, as well as links to many other sites and information that is available to anyone who wants to check it out.

As far as that information, take a minute to look at everything, including the calendar of events, and the flyers for those events, that have been scheduled for the 2019 Driving Season. Also, you are going to want to check back regularly for changes and additions as new events are scheduled or updated frequently.

If this is your first time to our site, and you are looking for a Corvette club in your area, the links to each of the sixteen clubs are on the site. Click on the one that us closest to you and you will find the contact information for the folks at that club. When you contact them, they will be very willing to tell you all about their club, when they meet and where, what they like to do, and how they enjoy their Corvettes. You will also find information from our Region Membership Director, Joe Scafero, of Corvette Club of Michigan, and Region Competition Director Dave Waters, of Irish Hills Corvette Club. There is plenty of information to look at and keep you busy for sometime!

This year is a special year for our main organization, the National Council of Corvette Clubs, which all of the Michigan Region clubs and the members are part of. Founded in 1959 by six Corvettes clubs, including two here in Michigan, Capital City Corvette Club and Corvette Club of Michigan. Both clubs are still in existence and are large clubs in our state. The charter was started, in Detroit, by those Original Six and the rest is history! There is also another club that started in 1959, Corvette Club of Battle Creek, and they will celebrate their 60th Anniversary this year, as well. They were the third club, in Michigan, to join NCCC about 1961. Today, NCCC has over 250 clubs nationwide and nearly 18,000 members. That makes us the largest single Corvette association in the United States.

The National Corvette Museum is celebrating its 25th year in existence and there will be a large Michigan contingent making the trip to Bowling Green, for that celebration, in late August. The museum is supported heavily by NCCC members, many from Michigan including members of the Board of Directors. A link to the website for NCCC is also available through our website.

All these events and many more await the members of the Michigan Region and all the Corvette clubs here and around the country. Whether you are interested in competitive events like Autocross and Rallies, or Car Shows, or maybe just getting together for a drive and dine with other Corvette owners, there is something here for everyone. It should be a great deal of fun in 2019 and we hope everyone that shares the same passion for America’s Sports Car – The Corvette – will participate in some or all of the many happenings here and around the country!

Safe Driving and Save the Wave!!

Mark Hanlin
Michigan Regional Executive

Phone: 269.789.9814
Email: re@micorvette.org