Michigan Region - NCCC

Michigan Region By-Laws & Downloads

Linked below are some forms and programs your club may find useful.

If your club has developed an electronic form or program that you wish to share please send to webmaster@micorvette.org.  It will be posted here for downloading if it is deemed appropriate.

Previous versions of the MRCC By-Laws:
2023-11 | 2023-01 | 2022-01 | 2019-04 | 2018-01

NCCC By-Laws & Documents

Membership Handbook:

  • Competition Manual (Rulebook)
  • By-Laws
  • Standing Rules, Policies and Procedures

Forms to View, Copy or Download:

  • NCCC Club Information Form
  • NCCC Club Charity Donation Reporting Form
  • Address Change and/or Name Change for NCCC Members
  • Governors Meeting Forms
  • FCOA Forms
  • NCCC & FCOA Graphics/Logos

Governors Meeting Information:

  • National Meeting Dates & Location
  • Governors Meeting Order of Business (Agenda)
  • Meeting Room Assignments
  • Motion Forms
  • Hotel Reservation Information

Insurance Information:

  • Blanket Certificate of Liability Insurance
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Insurance Waiver Forms
  • Insurance Claim Forms
  • Legacy Insurance Network Contact Information
  • Contact information for NCCC's Business Manager

NCCC Membership Application:
Before submitting an application for membership, please check with the Michigan Region Club you wish to join. Most Clubs have an additional application form and dues that need to be submitted to the Governor, Membership Director, or other Club representative. That individual will make sure that everything is filled out correctly and will submit the NCCC Application to the Regional Membership Director for you, along with the portion of dues that goes to NCCC.

You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer in order to access many of the documents available for download. Click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader at no charge.