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Regional Executive NewsMark Hanlin, Michigan Region Executive

With Christmas just around the corner, I thought I would send out one last note as the current Michigan Region Executive.

This time of year brings with it a lot of memories for all the years with family and friends.

We think of those that are no longer with us to celebrate, that we have lost of late, and those who have been gone for a while.

We can get lost in the frenzy of this time of year with 'Black Friday', 'Cyber Monday', 'Blue Tuesday', 'Super Saturday' and 'Shop Small Saturday' also the frightening credit card statements after the first of the year. Then there is the feasting; at the office parties, neighborhood gatherings, traveling to and from relatives, decorating, gift wrapping and giving, and those most feared words: "...some assembly required." or " … Batteries not included" and possibly the worst one, "… did you save the receipt?"!"

And before we know it, it will be a New Year, and this time a new decade, when we start all over and try to wait patiently (at least in the areas that experience 'real winter'), to bring out our Corvettes and drive once again in the sun and warmth of Spring. Soon, the short days and long nights will turn around and daylight will start to last a little longer every day - thankfully.

Most importantly, let's not forget the main reason we celebrate this season which is the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. Who came to this Earth to tell us how he would sacrifice his life to save ours!! As well, we need to make sure to remember the sacrifice of all the service men and women, active, reserved, and veteran, who keep us safe to be able to enjoy these Holidays and all our Freedoms that we sometimes take for granted. Your Prayers for them and their families are especially important!

As you all know, I am leaving the R/E position but will continue to represent Calhoun County Corvettes, in the foreseeable future, as governor. George Duncan is assuming the post and will do a fine job and has my full commitment and support for the months and years to come.

Brenda Shatkosky is also leaving as Treasurer and I want to thank her for the fabulous job she did to straighten out the region books and especially at a time when the region was somewhat 'financially challenged'. Kathy Duncan is taking that job and she will continue the fine work that is at times somewhat difficult and can be a thankless effort. The treasurer's job is one of the most difficult but Kathy is up to the challenge!

Finally, I want to thank some of the current and past Region Officers that supported and helped me during the six years that I serves as your R/E. Joe Scafero, Barb Harris and the late Jim Harris, Dave Waters, Dave Johnson, Edna Stoel, Kirk Luckscheiter, Rene' Cardenas, Mary Wentzel, and of course Brenda Shatkosky. Jim Sweet retired, after many years as webmaster, but Gloria Reiffer has taken over and did a fantastic job revising the website and giving it new life!

I had some goals when I started in 2013 and was able to successfully implement most of those, some will wait for another day. Overall, it has been an honor to represent the Michigan Region, nationally, as well as meeting with and getting to know all of our Michigan Corvette Family. I had a lot of help nationally too from Dave Heinemann, Dale Samuelson, Jim Walton, Allen Morris, Kathy Brisbois and many others.

A new phase of our lives has begun, as Angela is now retired. I will continue to concentrate on growing my financial practice to be able to sell it and retire someday myself. We look forward to continuing to participate with all the clubs, in 2020, whether through the events, convention, Bowling Green, Carlisle, Bloomington or just getting together for a drive & dine. You are all in my Prayers and Thoughts going forward.

See you all soon and have a Blessed and Safe Christmas and New Year.

Mark Hanlin
Michigan Regional Executive

Phone: 269.789.9814
Email: re@micorvette.org