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2023 Michigan Region Sanctioned Events Schedule/Results
2023 NCCC National Events Schedule/Results

Event flyers will be linked below and on the calendar when they become available. Please contact webmaster@micorvette.org if your club schedules, cancels or changes an event after bidding dates.

2023 Dates

Event Type

Sanction Numbers

April 16 Michigan Region Banquet Invitation
Registration Form
Waldenwoods Resort
& Conference Center

May 20 Rookie Driving School (CCC)  
May 21 PC Corvette Show (CCBC)

June 3 PC Corvette Show (IHCC)
June 10 PC Corvette Show (CCCC)  
Rallyes or Funkhana (CCCC)  
June 17 Autocross (CCM)
June 24-30 NCCC National Convention Convention Information

July 4 Autocross (CCM)  

August 5 & 6
14 event weekend
Autocross (CCCC)    
Autocross (JCC)    
August 12 PC Corvette Show (SCC)  
August 12 PC & Judged Corvette Show (ACC) MI-488-N02
August 20 Autocross (CCM)
August 25  ???? (GVCA)  
August 26 PC Car Show (GVCA)
August 27 Rallyes (GVCA)

September 2 - 4
21 event weekend
Autocross (MAG)
Autocross (MAG)  
Autocross (MAG)  
September 10 PC Car Show (CCCC)  
September 30 Autocross (IHCC)

October 1 Autocross (IHCC)
October 8 Autocross (CCM)

2024 Dates

Event Type

Sanction Numbers

  Michigan Region Banquet  

Bold dates = Sanctioned Events
Light dates = Non-Sanctioned Events

Sanction Your Event

  1. Contact the Regional Competition Director (competition@micorvette.org) to secure your date(s)
  2. Request your Club Event Sanction number(s)
  3. Upload your Club flyer and/or results for your events
  4. Pay your Entrant Fees

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