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Michigan Region Event Flyers

2020 Michigan Region Sanctioned Events Schedule/Results
2020 NCCC National Events Schedule/Results (NCCC has cancelled the Points Program for 2020)

When available, event flyers will be linked below and on the calendar.

2020 Dates

Event Type

Sanction Numbers

July 4 Time Trial MI-006-N02
July 5-12 NCCC Convention      Cancelled - Letter from NCCC President
July 18 Low Speed Autocross - GVCA MI-041-R01/R02/R03/R04/R05/R06/R07
July 25 PC Corvette Show - LCC      Cancelled
July 25 Bracket Autocross - MAG/GLCC MI-362-R01; MI-381-R01/R02/R03/R04/R05/R06
July 26 Bracket Autocross - MAG/KCC MI-362-R02; MI-047-R01/R02/R03/R04/R05/R06

August 1 PC Corvette Show - CCC      Cancelled
August 1 Low Speed Autocross - GVCA/GLCC MI-041/R08/R09/R10; MI-381-R07/R08/R09/R10
August 2 Low Speed Autocross - SCC      Cancelled
August 8 PC Corvette Show - ACC MI-488-N01
August 8 Test & Tune / Practice Autocross MI-003-N02
August 16 Club Picnic and Show - CCM MI-006-N04
August 22 Rallyes - FCC      Cancelled
August 23 PC Corvette Show - CCBC      Cancelled
August 30 Low Speed Autocross - CCM/ACC MI-006-R04/R05; MI-488-001/002/003/004/005

September 5 Low Speed Autocross - MAG/KCC/LCC      Cancelled
September 6 Low Speed Autocross - MAG/KCC MI-362-003/004; MI-047-008
September 7 Low Speed Autocross - MAG/KCC MI-362-005; MI-047-007/009/010
September 19 PC Corvette Show - SCC      Cancelled
September 19 Rallyes - SCC      Cancelled
September 27 Low Speed Autocross - CCM/ACC MI-006-R06/R07; MI-488-006/007/008/009/010

October 3 Low Speed Autocross - MAG/LCC     Cancelled
October 4 Low Speed Autocross - MAG/LCC     Cancelled
October 10 Rallyes - CCC     Cancelled
October 11 Low Speed Autocross - CCM MI-006-R01/R02/R03/R08/R09/R10
October 17 Rallyes - CCM     Cancelled
October 18 Rallyes - CCM/FCC     Cancelled
October 31
Low Speed Autocross - MAG
Michigan Region Fundraiser

November 1
Low Speed Autocross - MAG
Michigan Region Fundraiser

Bold dates = Sanctioned Events
Light dates = Non-Sanctioned Events

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