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Welcome to the New Michigan Region Website. If you have been here before, you will notice some very big changes, new items, and more information about all the Michigan Corvette clubs as well as the National Council of Corvette Clubs. You can look at scheduled or sanction events, some of the various club’s activities calendars, and links to each of the club’s website and who to contact if you are interested in joining us as part of the Corvette Family. As far as that information, please take a few minute to look at everything, including the calendar of events, and the flyers for the events that have been scheduled for the 2019 Driving Season. Also, you are going to want to check back regularly for changes and additions as new events are scheduled or updated frequently.

This year is a special year for our main organization, the National Council of Corvette Clubs, which all of the Michigan Region clubs, and their members, are part of. Founded in 1959, by six Corvettes clubs including two here in Michigan - Capital City Corvette Club and Corvette Club of Michigan (both clubs are still in existence today) - and are large clubs in our state. The charter was started, in Detroit about 1958, by those ‘Original Six’ and the rest is history! There is also another club that started in 1959, Corvette Club of Battle Creek, and they will celebrate their 60th Anniversary this year, as well. CCBC was the third Michigan club to join NCCC, about 1961. Grand Valley Corvette Association, based in Grand Rapids, is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year. Today, NCCC has over 250 clubs nationwide and nearly 18,000 members. That makes us the largest single Corvette association in the United States.

The National Corvette Museum is celebrating its 25th year in existence and there will be a large Michigan contingent making the trip to Bowling Green, for that celebration, in late August. The museum is supported heavily by NCCC members, many from Michigan including members of the Board of Directors. A link to the website for NCCC is also available through our website.

There has been a lot of emphasis, of late, regarding the charities that many clubs and regions, within NCCC, participate with. Rightfully so, as that is one of the most important reasons that we all gather together, ‘round the Corvette’, and spend time with each other. So, I would like to recognize the efforts of some of the Michigan Region clubs and the organizations they participate with each year. Since we have several of the early clubs, that formed or joined NCCC, we have the heritage of the giving and compassion that we all aspire to. I won’t go into detailed specifics, but it is safe to say that the combined contributions, of all the Michigan clubs, have totaled millions of dollars, hundreds of thousands of hours of ‘donated time’, along with their unwavering commitment, that you cannot put a price on.

Corvette Club of Michigan has some internal and external charity events that honor members that have passed on such as Kim Fast, Ken Watson, and former champion Ray Meeseeman. St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, ALS, and the Salvation Army also benefit from their donations.

Capital City Corvette Club has a wide variety of charities and organizations they participate with. Greater Lansing Food Bank, Toy for Tots, St. Vincent’s Charities, VFW National Home for Children, Salvation Army Disaster Relief, Children’s Miracle Network among many others. If you check their website you will see a more complete list but there is no way that they can calculate the donated hours – but it is high!

Kalamazoo Corvette Club said that among the many charities they donate to includes Talon’s Out Honor Flight which takes World War II, Korean and some Vietnam veterans to Washington D.C., at no charge, to spend the day visiting various war memorials. Also, Kalamazoo Gospel Mission, Kalamazoo Literacy Council, Kalamazoo Humane Society, Helping Hands – Vettes For Vets, and Habitat for Humanity, and many others. They have their club meetings at St. Ambrose Catholic Church, near Kalamazoo, and donate to them, and Kairos Dwelling, Community Healing Center of Kalamazoo. They help out at the local high schools by providing Corvettes for the homecoming queen candidates to ride in during parades and the crowning ceremonies.

Jackson Corvette Club has among its charitable donations Warm the Children of Jackson County, Cascades Animal Shelter, Henry Ford-Allegiance Hospice House and Cancer Center, M.I.S. Cares Charity Toy Drive, and the Historical Michigan Theatre – Downtown Jackson. They also participate in the annual Jackson Rose Festival Parade each year.

Flint Corvette Club said that they contribute to the Flint Old News Boys, Salvation Army and the local Food Bank. As an ‘old news boy’ myself, delivering the “Flint Journal” in my hometown in the late 60’s, I am very aware that The Old News Boys organization reaches out to many other charities in the surrounding area.

Irish Hills Corvette Club, the newest club (in Michigan anyway), has continued the tradition of providing donations of time and funds to local charities like Brooklyn Food Pantry, Tecumseh Schools, God’s Bread Basket-Adrian, and Lenawee County Associated Charites and St. Jude’s.

America’s Corvette Club sent an impressive list of charities and organizations that they contribute to. Clarkston SCAMP, a summer camp for special needs children and young adults, Everest Academy, Leader Dogs for the Blind, Kid’s Chance of Michigan, ‘Fur-ever Tails’ Animal Rescue, Capuchin Soup Kitchen, Morris Animal Rescue and Michigan Animal Rescue. Many of their donations come from their ‘Corvettes America’ show that draws hundreds of Corvettes each year and is one of the largest ‘Corvettes Only’ show in the state.

Grand Valley Corvette Association has been one of the busiest clubs for many years. They did a Corvette Raffle from the early 80’s until 2011, when Michigan laws changed and prevented them from doing it any more. Their members traveled all over the state attending many shows and selling tickets which raised many thousands of dollars for Spina Bifida of West Michigan, Down Syndrome Association, Mercy Respite of Grand Rapids, and all those hours of travel and selling the tickets.

Corvette Club of Battle Creek has been a big contributor to the Talon’s Out Honor Flight, the Kambly Living Center for challenged adults, and they also volunteer at many local events, parades, and high school homecomings. Having just completed their 60th Anniversary and 31st Annual ‘Corvette Celebration’ show, there will surely be other organization to benefit from their charity.

Calhoun County Corvettes has donated to the Talon’s Out Honor Flight, Fountain Clinic of Marshall, Humane Society of Calhoun County, Food Bank of South-Central Michigan, and Haven of Rest/Women’s Shelter of Battle Creek. We also help out the Battle Creek club with the homecoming parades, each Fall, when they need a few extra Corvettes to accommodate all the candidates at the various area schools. Since we have only been around for eleven years, our list and amounts of donations is not that of the older established clubs but we do believe that donating to worthwhile and local organizations is one of the most important things any NCCC club can do.

Royal Corvettes of Western Michigan participates with Muskegon County Food Bank, Loaves and Fishes, Muskegon Rescue Mission, Mapp Supper House, Kids Food Basket, and Grace Lutheran Church, especially around the holidays when people need the most help.

There is a lot more I could say but if you check each club’s website you can find out a lot more about each club and what they do! Until next time:

Enjoy your Summer drive and Save the Wave!

Mark Hanlin
Michigan Regional Executive

Phone: 269.789.9814
Email: re@micorvette.org